Friday, September 17, 2010 referral payback

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Do not be a slave to your PTC upline. Your upline earns a few cents every time you click ads but they do not share any revenue that he gets from their referral.

I'm willing to payback my referrals for being active. Payment will be done once you click 100 ads.
There is the method how your earning will be calculated.
You click 100 ads=You earn 70 cents
You make 100 clicks=I pay you 7 cents

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neobux Referral Payback

Do not work for free to your PTC upline.

I'm willing to pay back my Neobux referral for being active.
I will payback my referrals 1/10 of the total money I earn through them that is for every ten cents I earn through my referral I will payback one cent.

Payment will be done after you have clicked 100 ads for which I will earn 50 cents and will payback 5 cent to my referral.

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