Saturday, June 26, 2010

Accessories That Your Laptop Needs

Here are some cool accessories for your laptop that can be a life saver when you need it the most.

Portable Headphones

Your laptop speakers may be really loud but that doesn't mean you can use them wherever you go. A good branded pair of headphones is a great way to enjoy your music while you work without people around you looking at you in an awkward way. You could go for a Bluetooth headphones as well, but then prepared to pay a substantial amount of cash and remember not all laptops are A2DP compatible, so it's best to have a wired portable headphone.

Portable Backup Drives

With all that important data on your laptop, there are chances of system crashes. Hence it's always nice to have a backup of your critical data. For this you could simply invest in any 2.5" portable drive or maybe get something like the Clickfree portable backup drive, which you can configure to make automatic backups of certain folders whenever you plug it in. You also have the option for online backups like Mozy, which is a very popular backup solution. You can get a free trial and if you like it you can sign up for more advanced options for $0.5 per gigabyte.

USB Lamp

Not every keyboard is backlit unless you have a Macbook Pro. If you're a nocturnal animal and you have to work late at night then a little USB lamp to illuminate your keyboard will do you real boon. These aren't too expensive and can be found in abundance at your local hardware store. For instance the iBall USB light sells for $6 and has dual bright LEDs, a flexible wire and is available in different colors to match your laptop.

A Mimi-Vac

This is a handy little gizmo that will save you a great deal of pain, especially for clumsy people who keep spilling stuff on their notebook. This unnamed vacuum sells for about $12. If you wish to have a branded one then be prepared to shell out even more.

Spare Battery

This may sound unnecessary but if you travel a lot and don't have a notebook chances are your battery life isn't going to be that great. An extra charged battery will be a blessing in such times and will help you get your work done in time.


Want to impress your clients in a meeting? Get a presenter. Better still get a presenter cum mouse, that way you'll be killing two birds in one stone. Kensington has a very nice offering known as the SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse. On one side it's a regular laptop mouse but flip it over and it becomes a proper presenter with media buttons to control the volume as well as play/pause WMP. It also has a red laser pointer for your presentations - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!